Breath, Revive, Restore & Rise
Amber Phillips, E-RYT200, YACEP, Owner
My journey started started over 10 years ago on the same mission as most - to exercise the easy way - over the years experiencing different types of "yoga" and starting to dive in to yogic philosophy I have learned yoga is much more. I was encouraged after a few years attending yoga classes at the YMCA to get my yoga teaching certification so I could teach there. I finally signed up and began my journey. After teaching at the YMCA, I soon realized I wanted to bring more yoga to Grove City and my dream of having my own studio began to grow.
 I love that their are so many styles and levels of yoga practice. So, yes, their is something for everyone! I love seeing the joy on a yogis face when they have reached a new goal or touched their toes for the first time after a year of practice, I love seeing someone that comes in saying " this is my first class, and i'm not any good" leave smiling and continue to return week after week. I love that yoga is not about the ego its about unity, so no comparing, everyone is different, and  for that hour everyone is the same, moving with the cues, moving with the breath and over all working on their health - as it may be physical or mental. I understand, being a stay at home mom, that sometimes that hour is the only time you get that day to yourself letting go of worry or stress.
 The benefits of yoga practice are endless....stress relief, blood pressure, flexibility, anxiety, stress....... Yoga practice - asana (poses), pranayama (breath-work), meditation, and even reading - all are beneficial to the whole body, mind, and spirit. Its a way to find yourself and grow in ways you may not have even thought possible. Just remember to receive those benefits, take it slow, and leave any insecurities at the door. Most of time when an injury occurs people are forcing poses, that a their body may not be ready for.
 If your new to yoga and wanting to try it I would advise you to start slow, introduce yourself to the instructor, and make them aware of any injuries, health concerns, pregnancy, or anything you may be concerned about. Bring an open mind to the mat everyone is unique in what they bring. We are all made differently so we will move differently. Thats the beauty with yoga, it doesn't care who is participating. Over all smile yoga should be enjoyable to the mind and feel good with the body. Whats it going to hurt to give it a try?

Richard Hart, EYT-200
Richard became interested in yoga in the mid-seventies after reading Richard Hittleman's "Yoga". He continued to read and occasionally work with a limited number of postures for several years. After graduating from Grove City High School, he attended The Ohio State University earning a B.S. degree in biology in 1977. After college he worked in business and furthered his interest in music by studying privately and continuing to play trumpet. He currently performs with "Swing's the Thing" and the "Grove City Community Winds" concert band under the direction of James Swearingen. In 1984 he opened his own printing business which he operates today. In 1998 he began a daily Chi-Gong practice which he has continued. Looking for a more spiritual approach to his practice, Richard started regular yoga classes after reading "Stephen Cope's Yoga And The Quest For The True Self". While studying yoga locally with Kit Spar and Ann Downing he began visiting the Kripalu Yoga Center in Lenox, MA. After realizing that yoga is not just about stretching, Richard wanted to show others how the postures can be used as tools to access deep concentration and calmness of mind. Deciding then to enroll in Kripalu yoga teacher training, he completed his training in January of 2004. He began teaching at The Ohio State University, Roxane Laboratories and the Groveport Recreation Center. In July of 2005 he opened Mill Street Yoga in Grove City, a yoga studio dedicated to the practice of Kripalu yoga. His practice and teaching style combines conscious breathing with energizing postures that promote awareness, deep sensitivity and relaxation. He's committed to helping people of all ages and abilities bring more peace into their daily lives.

Beth Lucas, YT-200.
I first became interested in yoga several years ago at a local fitness
center. Then, my sister started teaching at a yoga studio and I took
some classes and was hooked! I found it to be challenging mentally and
physically. Having been a hair and nail salon owner since 1999, I loved
the idea of finding another creative outlet and decided to
attend teacher training at Yoga On High . What amazes me about yoga is
that you are always a student. I love that!! You can do a pose many
times and one day learn something new about it. Yoga encourages you to
search your soul and learn so much about yourself. I want students to
feel that they are on a fulfilling journey, not only physically but a
heart centered journey as well.

Nadia Kotsonis RYT-200h
Nadia Kotsonis was born and raised in Greece, where she began dance at
age four. When she was 18 she was accepted to an Academy of Dance in
Athens where she continued her education in ballet, contemporary and
fundamentals of dance. After moving to America, she began attending
Barre, Yoga and TRX classes. Since then, she has received her Barre,
Yoga and TRX certifications. Nadia lives by the philosophy of the
ancient Greeks: healthy mind, healthy body. She enjoys cooking and
travelling with her family. Nadia’s biggest reward is to see you smile.

Amber Kapuganti RYT-200
Amber’s yoga journey started a little over a year ago through the help of her job.  She is employed at the Chillicothe VAMC as clinical pharmacist in mental health.  Since yoga has been shown to be beneficial in physical and mental health, she was recruited as a mental health professional to help out with yoga classes.  She instantly fell in love with yoga seeing all of the great benefits that it has to offer.  Shortly after yoga came to the Chillicothe VAMC, Amber was asked to go through teacher training so that she could teach classes.  She completed teacher training at Burn Within Yoga Studio in 2017.  She continues to teach yoga to America’s Veterans and is excited to begin teaching at a studio.

Mari Kolanko YT-200h
My purpose in yoga is to provide a safe and comfortable environment where individuals are able to feel vulnerable enough to be themselves and with themselves on their mat. I offer guidance, support, and love by allowing students be aware of what they are feeling, inside and out, and being satisfied with it and where they are.  I was first introduced to yoga when I was at Bethany College studying psychology and my journey began with my Introduction to Wellness course when I was in graduate school at WVU.  After moving to Grove City from WV, I began to explore further and took my first yoga teacher training with the intention to learn more about it and deepen my practice.  I fell in love with it and the way that it makes me feel, and now here I am, wanting to share my quiet space in this loud, crazy world.
Catherine Dorrow RYT-500h
An enthusiastic and dynamic teacher, Catherine teaches with an infectious energy that motivates her students. She has been involved in fitness most of her adult life, and began teaching aerobics while in grad school, returning to the fitness profession when her children started school. Fitness, health and wellness are her passion! Catherine's favorite types of movement are yoga and running- but she also loves weightlifting, dance, kickboxing, and hiking.

Laura Belle YT-200h
 I have a passion for yoga loving the balance of stretching, breathing, and a good workout which is reflected in her teaching!